About Us

The International Women’s Association of Kuala Lumpur (IWAKL) is a non profit, non denominational organisation which has been grouping expatriate women from all over the world for social interaction, humanitarian community service and professional fulfilment for over two decades. Members of the Association have always been drawn from a large number of countries with a wide range of different cultures and beliefs.

IWAKL was founded by an American, Suzanne Curran, and was established in 1989 under the Society’s Act of Malaysia, and it is registered with the Registar of Societies of Malaysia. The Patron of the Association is the spouse of the incumbent Foreign Minister of Malaysia, and IWAKL has been very honoured to have this constant support over the years of change.

The aim of IWAKL was to promote social and cultural interaction and better understanding between members of the international community and Malaysians, strengthening ties of friendship and respect. To this end, a variety of events including coffee mornings, luncheons, educational talks were organised as well as events for fundraising for charity and work in the community. These  provided a platform to members for networking and support and a chance to discover friendship and new ideas. Members could be enriched by their experiences of different cultures, backgrounds and levels of advantage in society. They would also have an opportunity to make a positive contribution in the community with donations from funds raised to assist a variety of charities.

To reinforce its general principles IWAKL adopted the slogan Sharing Understanding Cooperation Peace Friendship Respect Unity.

To date IWAKL still represents an international and vibrant mix of women from every part of the world and follows a similar pattern of social, cultural, educational, community and charity events. It is hoped that as in the past, friendships forged and understanding gained here in KL will endure, either to be shared again in other countries by ex IWAKL members who travel on, or to be shared anew by those IWAKL members who remain here and greet new members.