The International Women’s Association of Kuala Lumpur (“IWAKL”) is a not-for-profit, non-denominational organization, which has been grouping expatriate women from all over the world for social interaction, humanitarian community service and professional fulfillment for over two decades.

IWAKL was founded in 1988 by Madam Suzzane Curran and was established in 1989 under the Society’s Act of Malaysia and is registered with the Registrar of Societies of Malaysia. According to the IWAKL Constitution the Patron is the Spouse of the Foreign Minister of Malaysia.

The objective of the IWAKL is to promote social and cultural interaction and better understanding between the members of the international community and Malaysians, strengthening ties of friendship and respect. IWAKL has adopted the slogan of “Sharing. Understanding. Cooperation. Peace. Friendship. Respect. Unity”. IWAKL’s membership consists of nationalities from a wide range of countries.

The committee of IWAKL holds coffee mornings, talks, luncheons, charity events and other events in and around the city as well as organizing trips. IWAKL celebrates all festivals of Malaysia and promotes cross-cultural understanding.

The Board generally identifies the beneficiaries of IWAKL’s charity fund, with donations distributed towards the end of the year.


IWAKL BOARD 2020 - 2021

1st Vice President

First Vice President

Davinder Kaur

Second Vice President

Viquarunessa Tariq

Honorary Secretary

Janika Toiviainen

Honorary Treasurer

Monica Lal

Membership Chairperson

Farha Sami

Director of Programmes & Publicity