It gave me such a great pleasure to welcome you to IWAKL where friendship, knowledge, togetherness are bound by one goal, to feel better to live in a better world. I have been admiring the work that the Ladies of IWAKL doing since I join them, I come to look for friends but I found family instead. Being with IWAKL has not only been teaching so much about the world, but also show me that our different will only make us richer both culturally and experience.

The International Women’s Association Kuala Lumpur was founded 34 years ago and it groups expatriate women from all over the world with women from Malaysia. We were recognized by the Registrar of Societies in 1989. We provide a platform to promote friendship and support and to explore new ideas, all enriched by our different experiences and cultural backgrounds. We also raise funds during the year to donate to various local charities.

Our current membership is around 54 drawn from 20 countries. Our annual programme reflects our diverse interests and we celebrate all the main festivals in Malaysia as well as International celebration for woman.

Our different background is our strength, together we create a unique and multicultural woman’s community.